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Gabrielle Teschner

Bare Deserted Places

$ 4,900.00

 DESCRIPTION  acrylic ink on muslin, 39x106" | 2011 Teschner calls the works on fabric “Sculpture That is Flat”. They are ways of working and thinking through ideas of three-dimensionality and...

Heather Day

I Think You’re Right

$ 2,800.00

DESCRIPTION 29x42", acrylic, soft-pastel, spray paint on stretched canvas | 2017 On her evolving practice, “…Painting is the vehicle to articulate moments that cannot be captured by a camera or described...

Jonni Cheatwood

High Life, If You Got It

$ 5,200.00

DESCRIPTION 60x38” | oil, acrylic, spray paint, enamel, and eucalyptus, on canvas, burlap and found fabric  | 2017 Jonni Cheatwood’s paintings describe the broad visual ideas stemming from still life, abstraction...

Ilka Kramer

Malanazar 14

$ 225.00

DESCRIPTION This photographic series MalaNazar by Ilka Kramer beautifully abstracts our perception of space and landscape. "In a time where we lose direct contact with nature, we accede to it only by our view....

Marc Gabor

Yucca Brevifolia

$ 250.00

DESCRIPTION Archival Pigment Print, 2015 These new photographs from Marc Gabor were taken over the past three years throughout his various trips across America and Mexico. From the national parks...

Alexis Arnold

Concretion with Gold Stalagmites

$ 1,400.00

DESCRIPTION 16x7x10" | concrete, 24K gold leaf, walnut | 2015 The Concretions series came about by thinking about what I could do with the plastic bags and bubble wrap that...


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