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Bound to Blow Away

Sale price$ 14,500

Acrylic, oil, spray paint, and oil stick on canvas

In his new body of work, Michael Harnish cuts out and assembles imagery from contemporary and vintage fashion magazines and botanical books, building relationships across seemingly distant visual genres. Hard, gestural cuts and tears contrast with tonal gradations and deliberately haphazard compositional moves. Harnish’s work also demonstrates a sensitivity to color through his combination of muted pastel tones and saturated fluorescents.

He calls his style “California Romanticism” — semi-wild and photogenic landscapes interrupted by tattered street advertisements. In Shangri-La, the works are installed as a montage, reading off each other as color, form, and imagery echo throughout the exhibition. A cartoonish depiction of a Japanese woodblock print is juxtaposed against a pink sky over the ocean at sunset, rich gold and black brocade set off a brushy rendering of a hanging fern, while painterly applications of bold swaths of color intersperse the picture planes throughout the works. The paintings in Shangri-La reflect glimpses of place, memory, and illusion that tell a story unique to the artist’s whims.

Size: 72 x 60 inches
Michael Harnish

About the Artist

Michael Harnish

Michael Harnish begins his painting process by first making paper collages, utilizing imagery pulled from various sources including botanical books, fashion magazines, and commercial signage in his native Southern California. These collages then become the inspiration for his paintings—sometimes accurate depictions of the original collage, other times improvisation takes the lead once the brush hits the canvas. Flora takes a central role in Harnish’s works, with local cactus and agave played off tropical plants and grocery store orchids—combining a high/low aesthetic in an exhilarating synthesis. Harnish has exhibited widely through out Southern California and in London.

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Cheryl Humphreys & Mike McMullen
June 7 - September 3

8200 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles CA

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Bound to Blow Away , Painting by Bound to Blow Away Tappan
Bound to Blow Away Sale price$ 14,500