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Petra Schott

Being a Woman II

$ 4400
  • 51 x 55 inches | Original Work


Oil on canvas | 2023

In this new work, Schott explores what it means to be a woman. We see hints of a female figure on the left side of the work, surrounded by strong, wild areas of color in an ultramarine blue, in which characters and scribbles have been incorporated. The oil paint creates sumptuous depth and contrast.

Describing Schott’s work, Curator Nell Cardozo writes: “There is a kind of generous intimacy in Schott's use of color that creates a subtle interplay between well-being and longing. Looking at her work is like looking at a dream that belongs to a collective consciousness.”


51 x 55 inches


The work comes with a Certification of Authenticity signed by the Co-Founder of Tappan.

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About the artist

Petra Schott

About the artist

Petra Schott

Petra Schott is an abstract painter whose art revolves around states of mind, longings, and memories. The artist—who had a long career as a lawyer and judge before dedicating herself to art—delicately creates colorful representations of nostalgia, freedom, and human relationships. Schott has exhibited extensively in solo and group exhibitions in Germany, Spain, Italy, Finland, and the Czech Republic.