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L.A. Made

September 28 - October 28, 2023

L.A. Made

Tappan was born in LA. This city has provided the history, inspiration and opportunity that continue to push us to find the best in emerging art that the world has to offer. As the LA art scene continues to get it's long-overdue credit, we are proud to add to that growth. This exhibition features artists that find the same motivation from living, working and making in Los Angeles. The practices of the artists included are as varied as the numerous enclaves of LA, including photography, sculpture, painting and mixed-media. Whether direct or with a hint, their home has an influence on the work. Enjoy our ode to the iconic City of Angels.

Chateau MarmontChateau Marmont
Untitled, Photograph  by  Untitled TappanUntitled
Too Much of My HeartToo Much of My Heart
I Think I Saw HerI Think I Saw Her
Marcel Duchamp
Donald Judd Spaces
Beverly Hills Hotel MatchbookBeverly Hills Hotel Matchbook
The Beverly Hills HotelThe Beverly Hills Hotel
Double DoubleDouble Double
at the intersection of earl streetat the intersection of earl street
Cave Vessel: Blue FlowCave Vessel: Blue Flow
Cave Vessel: Black FlowCave Vessel: Black Flow
Frohawk Two Feathers, Photography  by  Frohawk Two Feathers TappanFrohawk Two Feathers
The Guardians of Art
Damien Hirst: Cherry Blossoms
Joan Didion: What She Means
Cobalt Blue: Writings from the Papers of Sam Francis
Robert Adams: Los Angeles Spring
Roni Horn: Remembered Words
Afro-Atlantic Histories
Virgil Abloh: Figures of Speech
Dieter Roth: Self Tower, Lion Tower
Giant Bowl Vessel: GreenGiant Bowl Vessel: Green
Cave Vessel: MalachiteCave Vessel: Malachite
Potato Tree with VinesPotato Tree with Vines
Cave Vessel: Pink and GreyCave Vessel: Pink and Grey
Cave Vessel: Bowl FormCave Vessel: Bowl Form
Depth of Feel, ghostDepth of Feel, ghost
Fault LineFault Line
Beverly Hills Hotel MatchbookBeverly Hills Hotel Matchbook
LA Bad TimesLA Bad Times
Potato Tree with Vines: Rainbow EucalyptusPotato Tree with Vines: Rainbow Eucalyptus
Cave Vessel: Blue CrawlCave Vessel: Blue Crawl
Cave Vessel: Yellow IceCave Vessel: Yellow Ice
Cave Vessel: Blue Ice/White LipCave Vessel: Blue Ice/White Lip
Nominal Variables XXXIINominal Variables XXXII
Loving You, ILoving You, I
Infinite CoincidenceInfinite Coincidence
Top of the HillTop of the Hill
Relic, Painting  by  Relic TappanRelic, Painting  by  Relic Tappan
Lizard, Painting  by  Lizard TappanLizard, Painting  by  Lizard Tappan


Sabina Gadecki & Tyler Rich | Collector Profile

Sabina Gadecki & Tyler Rich | Collector Profile

Hello! I’m Sabina, and here is a little sneak peek into our world through art! Tyler, my husband, and I started from scratch with the art in our first home together, and have chosen pieces that ...

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In the Studio | Monika Morito
In the Studio

In the Studio | Monika Morito

Exploring captivating contrasts and the interplay of textures and characters, Monika Morito brings abstract shapes, fruit, and swaying palm trees to life as she invites the viewer to embark on a...

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Phoebe Robinson | Guest Curator

Phoebe Robinson | Guest Curator

Phoebe Robinson is a standup comedian, best-selling author, producer, actress, and publisher. She is the author of the essay collections “You Can’t Touch My Hair,” “Everything’s Trash,...

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