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Con Los Apus 8

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Archival ink on museum-quality cotton rag paper

For a brief time, Brian Merriam was fortunate enough to walk among the living spirits of the Peruvian mountains themselves. The Con Los Apus series is named after the word for “lord” in Quechua, the language of the Incas. “Los Apus” are the spirits of the mountains and the protectors of the local people. A distinction must be made, as they are not spirits who live in or around the mountains, but the living spirits of the mountains themselves. This series is the result of another attempt by Merriam to immerse himself in a place of not only spectacular natural beauty, but also of great power.

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"I stepped out of the present and let my mind succumb to geologic time. I found comfort in it’s endless cycles."
-Brian Merriam
Brian Merriam

About the Artist

Brian Merriam

Featured in Vogue, Dwell, Juxtapoz, Domino, Artforum, and The New Yorker, photographer Brian Merriam travels to the most remote parts of the world to capture rarely seen landscapes and celestial phenomena, including the Himalayas, the Aurora Borealis, lush Hawaiian jungles and total solar eclipses.

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Con Los Apus 8
Con Los Apus 8 Sale price$ 250