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Shawn Polmo

Alba (Beloved)

$ 3,700.00

  • 45 x 32 inches | Original Work


Graphite on paper | 2022

Shawn Polmo asserts that most people have a character or voice in their heads — whether we call our conscience, a god, or guardian angel, humans tend to feel like someone or something is experiencing or viewing our lives with us. This series of pencil works on paper loosely explores the personification of those ideas, choosing this medium to create a smooth, stone-like image inspired by the great sculptures of Italy. The result is work that is powerful and magnetic, the viewer drawn into the large and graceful figures, each wearing an untroubled expression. The exaggerated features — some magnified and out of proportion — create an image that’s close to human, but somehow not quite.


45 x 32 inches


The work comes with a Certification of Authenticity signed by the Co-Founder of Tappan.

Shawn Polmo

Recently featured in Hypebeast, multidisciplinary artist Shawn Polmo primarily focuses on depicting the human figure in his pursuit of a better understanding of the world, his inner self, and the many facets and contradictions of being a human.