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Screwed-up Eyes and Screwed-down Hairdo

Sale price$ 3,000


Paper pulp and goauche on canvas | 2022

These works of paper pulp “paintings” explore how color, pattern, surface texture, and material expectation affect visual perception.


15 x 30 inches


The work comes with a Certification of Authenticity signed by the Co-Founder of Tappan.

Size: 15 x 30 inches
“Experiment a lot and don’t be afraid to make things that feel like mistakes. Challenge myself. Keep things varied. Make a mess often and clean occasionally.”
-Alexis Arnold
Alexis Arnold

About the Artist

Alexis Arnold

Alexis Arnold's sculptures, installations, and mixed-media 2D artworks explore the subjective perception and experience of light, space and color, geology, and the visualization of time. She has exhibited at Crystal Bridges Museum, Aspen Art Museum, Art on Paper, and the Bay Area Discovery Museum and is in the SFMOMA permanent collection. Arnold has also been featured in WSJ, designboom, Apartment Therapy, Colossal and Hi-Fructose.

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Current Exhibition

Echoes of Being

Group Show
April 12 - May 28

8200 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles CA

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Screwed-up Eyes and Screwed-down Hairdo
Screwed-up Eyes and Screwed-down Hairdo Sale price$ 3,000