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June 22 - September 17, 2023


TEMPORAL celebrates the intricate relationship between the passage of time and the transformative power of nature. Explore how time itself births the composition of art and the profound impact it has on creative expression. With depictions of changing seasons, brush strokes that epitomize the tides of life, and ethereal sculptures portraying the stillness of time, each artwork represents its own unique dance to nature's ever-changing rhythms.

the energy remainsthe energy remains
Coral Vase: MarbleCoral Vase: Marble
Whispering in the Absence of Water 4Whispering in the Absence of Water 4
Whispering in the Absence of Water 7Whispering in the Absence of Water 7
Sirens of the Deep ISirens of the Deep I
Sirens of the Deep IISirens of the Deep II
Sirens of the Deep IIISirens of the Deep III
Pear 1Pear 1
$ 1,750
Sois Belle 2.33, Photography  by  Sois Belle 2.33 TappanSois Belle 2.33, Photography  by  Sois Belle 2.33 Tappan
Pear 2Pear 2
$ 1,750
Two StoreysTwo Storeys
Ovals in Blue GreyOvals in Blue Grey
Usher in LightUsher in Light
Ancient Medicine 32, Photograph  by  Ancient Medicine 32 TappanAncient Medicine 32
Ancient Medicine 10, Photography  by  Ancient Medicine 10 TappanAncient Medicine 10
To be something and nothingTo be something and nothing
bas relief no. 5bas relief no. 5
Relics 1, Photograph  by  Relics 1 TappanRelics 1, Photograph  by  Relics 1 Tappan
The Song of The SeaThe Song of The Sea
Lady ZenLady Zen
Whispering in the Absence of Water 2Whispering in the Absence of Water 2
Story of the WindStory of the Wind
Ula Lamp - Glossy GreenUla Lamp - Glossy Green
Ballad of the Spirits 4Ballad of the Spirits 4
Page 36Page 36
Large Porcelain Bottle #2Large Porcelain Bottle #2
Liquid Metal Sitting PrettyLiquid Metal Sitting Pretty
Smoke SphereSmoke Sphere
Kelp Vase - Bronze MultiKelp Vase - Bronze Multi
Iridescent Vase 2 - Bronze MultiIridescent Vase 2 - Bronze Multi
Bark PlanterBark Planter
Twisted Vase - Matte IrredescentTwisted Vase - Matte Irredescent
Crackle Saddle Sculpture - SmokeCrackle Saddle Sculpture - Smoke
Crackle Vase - SmokeCrackle Vase - Smoke
Ore Vase 2 - Deep Ocean MultiOre Vase 2 - Deep Ocean Multi
Ore Vase 3 - Earth OnyxOre Vase 3 - Earth Onyx


In the Studio | Astri Styrkestad Haukaas
In the Studio

In the Studio | Astri Styrkestad Haukaas

Tappan is pleased to introduce Astri Styrkestad Haukaas, an artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark where she co-runs the non-profit workspace KVIT. Haukaas' artistic practice is driven by the proc...

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Alyssa Coscarelli | Collector Profile

Alyssa Coscarelli | Collector Profile

Alyssa Coscarelli, a digital creator now based in Los Angeles after a decade in New York City, is a former fashion-editor turned freelance creative and consultant. After years working with bran...

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Michael DeSutter | Counting Bars
Artist Series

Michael DeSutter | Counting Bars

Inspired by his late grandfather’s love of music and charting market growth, Michael DeSutter created “Counting Bars.” The collage series takes cues from business graphs and bar charts, reimagining...

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