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Maureen Meyer -  Original & Limited Edition Art at Tappan

Maureen Meyer

Maureen Meyer


About Maureen Meyer

Maureen Meyer is a Los Angeles based visual artist, working primarily in mixed media. After graduating from design school in 2003, she spent 12 years in New York as a graphic designer, developing an expertise in visual concepting and publishing. Upon relocating to Los Angeles, Meyer shifted her focus to fine art. Drawn to stories and rituals of the past, Meyer became fascinated by the rich patina and worn colors of archival papers and discarded print materials. With a background in typography and visual storytelling, she gradually developed a vocabulary of familiar forms and everyday objects using found materials — magazines, office or scrap paper, and print materials, some dating as far back to the 1920s. Through her delicately balanced compositions, Meyer seeks to create new stories through vehicles of the past.


“Visually, we experience the world in terms of shapes and their relationships - those of color, scale, proximity, etc. My work is an evolving attempt to recreate life situations. Using randomly clipped shapes, I start from a place of disorder and set about solving the problems that exist within the composition. By adhering to an underlying grid, I am always considering where the eye goes, where the weight sits. Ideally, I am able to find a place where all the elements can co-exist; this balance lends an overall sense of calm and order to the chaos. For me, this process is akin to meditation.” - Maureen Meyer



2001. Wake Forest University. BFA, Literature, Studio Arts and International Studies.

2003. The Portfolio Center. Graphic Art and Design Coursework.

2017-2018. Art Center Collage of Design. Independent Study, Textile Art and Color Theory.


2018 STILL - Merchant Gallery, Venice CA

2018 COMMON THREAD - Suey Sew Shop, Los Angeles CA


2018 Lula JAPAN- Issue 9 “The pleasure of Black”

2019 HUNKER.COM - “Artist Maureen Meyer Embraces the Patina of Her Midcentury Modern Home”

2019 VOYAGELA.COM - “Meet Maureen Meyer”

2019 Canyon Coffee Artist Journal- “Morning Rituals with Artist Maureen Meyer”