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Lani Trock

Lani Trock

Lani Trock


About Lani Trock

Lani Trock is a Los Angeles based multi­disciplinary artist. Her work investigates the human relationship to nature through photography, sculpture and immersive, environmental installations. Her artistic practice is informed by a childhood spent freely exploring the wilderness of Hawaii and California and a nontraditional trajectory into art making.


She studied philosophy at UC Santa Cruz and has lived in LA in the nine years since. Having worked as a designer, programmer and photographer, her process consistently inhabits the place in which technology and art meet. Deeply interested in the potential multi­functionality of spaces, her work seeks to create environments that are both beautiful and useful; creating educational spaces through the implementation of best new technological practices, and which are built utilizing found, repurposed or readily available materials. A key tenet of her personal and artistic philosophy is one of improvisation; doing what you can with what you have in order to challenge the status quo. Through the creation of this work, she makes space to envision and spark dialogue about alternative future paradigms that embody a cultural shift away from scarcity, commodification and competition in favor of abundance and support. The primary objective of her practice is to advocate for the peaceful evolution and spiritual elevation of mankind. She has exhibited work at the Standard Hotel, Soho House, Ace Hotel and Space 1520.


"One of my favorite quotes on art is by Matisse: “What I dream of is an art of balance, of purity and serenity devoid of troubling or depressing subject matter – a soothing, calming influence on the mind, rather like a good armchair which provides relaxation from physical fatigue.” In all I do, I aim to share a feeling of peace.” - Lani Trock



2006 BA Philosophy, UC Santa Cruz



National Peace Service, 2017-Ongoing.

NPS Site 08 We Rise, Los Angeles, CA, May-June 2018

NPS Site 07 Kinship, Los Angeles, CA, May 2018-Ongoing

NPS Site 06 Installation Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, March-April 2018

NPS Site 05 Into Action, Los Angeles, CA, January 2018

NPS Site 04 Hilde EB, Oakland, CA, December 2017

NPS Site 03 Art House LA, Los Angeles, CA, December 2017

NPS Site 03 Big Pictures, Los Angeles, CA, October 2017

NPS Site 02 Big Pictures, Los Angeles, CA, October 2017

NPS Site 02 Hilde LA, Los Angeles, CA, October 2017

Sanctuary, Social Study, Los Angeles, CA, April 2017

Empathetic Feminine Divine, Part of Her Room, Junior High, Los Angeles, CA August, 2016

Biophilia; A Public Service Announcement, Tappan, Culver City, CA, March 2016

Trust In you of Now, Space 1520, Los Angeles, CA. April, 2015

Flowers for the Moon, The Standard, Los Angeles, CA. April 2014



Project Art Gala, Underground Museum, Floating Garden for “My Kid Could Do That” Exhibition + Gala Opening, Los Angeles, CA, April, 2018

Mama Projects, Chateau Marmont, Floating Garden for Mama Projects Launch, Los Angeles, CA, August, 2017

St. Germaine, Houdini Mansion, Wearable Floral Sculptures for No One Art Dancers, Los Angeles, CA, AUGUST 2017

Phone Home, Multiple Locations, Floating Gardens for Ambient Music Concert Series, Atlanta, Big Sur & Los Angeles, 2016-17

Intermix, Storefront Installation & Print Edition, Hawaii, September, 2016

Aesop, Storefront Installations, Los Angeles & NYC, April, 2016