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Jameson Magrogan

About Jameson Magrogan

Jameson Magrogan is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. He graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2014 with a BFA in Painting and Printmaking. Magrogan lives and works in Baltimore.

"These pictures can be nothing but observational," says Magrogan about his work. "They can only illustrate when and where they are made. It’s not about an idea; the moment being looked at or relived is unimportant. Defining the meaning of each picture is not really my task. The meaning of each work and where that meaning comes from will change with circumstance from minute to minute."

My role is of the maker, not the soothsayer. The objective of each work is to be made, to recognize that it had to be made. The product of the work is not imperative, but its existence is proof of an innate human force to produce - In this case paintings. I paint my dog because I have seventeen photographs of her on my phone. I paint a bowl of fruit because of still life and Bonnard, and blue because of a time that I saw blue."

Moments share a space exactly how they are placed. To me, this is the honesty in image making. Craft isn’t necessarily a universal standard, but a practice, which comes from inside a particular person, of assessing quality. Looking for ones own craft and allowing the work to locate itself truthfully and honestly within that is the work of an artist."


2014, "Oil Then Acrylic" Transformer Gallery, Washington DC



2015, “Blushing” Ballroom Gallery, Baltimore MD

2014, "Locally Sourced" American University Museum, Washington DC

2014, "Murica: A Patriotic Art Show" PhilaMOCA, Philladelphia PA

2014, "On The Mark " Middendorf Gallery, Baltimore MD

2013, "Chromatics" Gallery 304, Baltimore, MD

2012, "Studio Mixx" Subbasement Studio, Baltimore, MD



2014, "Then and Now: The Salon of 1741 and 21st-Century Art Fairs"

Co-written with Kerr Houston 



2010, Trustee Grant, Maryland Institute College of Art