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Collection - Framing with Plexi

Collection - Framing with Plexi

Collection - Framing with Plexi


Framing with Plexi:


The framing of an artwork is an integral part of the the entire art experience. You finally find the perfect piece, but what if you prefer the work, say - without the finite border around it? Or perhaps you just aren’t ready to decide on a float...a mat…or a specific frame color? In these scenarios, or, if you just feeling like trying something a little different, plexiglass is a great solution. 


Displaying with plexiglass is generally more affordable than framing, and gives you a sleek, minimal, and affordable way to display your work without the distractions of a frame. Clean and chic, using plexiglass allows for viewers to focus on the piece, and you can ‘dress it up’ minimally with modest hardware, too! There are a few different styles you can chose from, but it ultimately depends on the look you’re going for.



Before nailing the plexiglass to the wall, make sure to use acid-free archival tape to secure the artwork to the wall.



If you’re interested in framing your artwork with a piece of plexiglass that mirrors the dimensions of the piece, you should be sure to double check your measurements before placing your plexiglass order at your local hardware store. 



With this style, the plexiglass is the exact size of the artwork, which allows you to simply press the work and plexiglass against the wall when you are ready to mount the piece.




The best hardware for this hanging method are simple L-hooks, which come in a variety of finishes. Placement for the hooks is personal choice, but we like to see them about an inch in from the corners on the top and bottom of the piece.


When mounting a smaller piece behind plexiglas, we suggest ordering a slightly larger piece of plexiglass to create a clear illusion of a mat. This also looks great if you’re planning to display the piece on a colorful or vibrant wall! When going this route, be sure to ask for four small holes drilled a half and inch or so in from each corner - this is a better method for keeping the plexi pressed against the wall and is necessary for proper pressure so the smaller sized artwork remains secure. Get creative with your nail choice! There are tons of stylish options - we chose copper nail studs in the below example.


Another way to display your art with plexiglass requires two sheets rather than one, but allows you to ‘float’ your work from the wall, creating a dimensional perception. You can simply offset your mount with two sheets of plexiglass and adhere them together using simple stand-off barrels, which you can purchase from your local hardware store. This hardware allows you to sandwich the two sheets of plexiglass together with your artwork secured between them, and floats the piece anywhere from 1-3” from the wall.


A few extra tips:

1. Make sure to discuss plexiglass thickness options with your hardware store, as the thicker the plexi sheet, the heavier the sheets are, and the stronger the bracket or hook you'll need to keep it stabilized on your wall.


2. Before nailing the plexiglass to the wall, make sure to use acid-free archival tape to secure the artwork to the wall.


3. Clean your plexiglass with a plexiglass cleaning solution and a proper cleaning pad. Once the plexi is secured, you do not want to find dust or a lone hair against your artwork!


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