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Benjamin Ewing

Benjamin Ewing

About Benjamin Ewing

Benjamin Ewing is a Portland, Oregon based multidisciplinary artist currently working in studio art, photography and design. With a background in editorial photography & print design, his work currently tackles themes of space, relativity & light. Ewing’s grayscale palette maximizes the power of texture in his linear canvas works. Utilizing various textures and materials, Ewing encourages the viewer to consider how he or she experiences light as it relates to his or her surroundings. He has been featured on Ignant, BOOOOOOOM and Lula Magazine, among others and currently has work on view at FIFI Projects in San Pedro, Mexico.


"My work is an exploration of emotions and how they directly relate to visual compositions. My background in editorial photography & print design gave me the language I needed to navigate these new methods & ideas. I obsess over light and how it interacts with specific materials. My palettes are rooted in post-production color theory, giving the work’s perceived tone flexibility in relation to its environment. I mill, assemble and stretch my frames, so when it comes time to apply the “actual work" I’ve already had an extensive relationship with the materials. The process transitions from a loud abrasive beginning to a quiet contemplative ending. Undergoing this structured process, yields a seemingly simple result. I intend on broadening my scope of disciplines by eventually designing structures, spaces & objects." - Benjamin Ewing 


2012, Rochester Community & Technical College



2018 FIFI Projects



Shape Shift Report, 2018

Lula Japan, 2018

Ignant Magazine, 2018


Vrai & Oro Journal, 2017

Brygg Magazine, 2017


Amity Amity
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