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Five Artists to Know by Chelsea Neman

Five Artists To Know by Chelsea Neman of Tappan Collective

As told by Megan Laber at the Dreslyn

This month we are collaborating with the women behind Tappan Collective to showcase their serious skills in curating, art gifting, spotting emerging talent and creating a whole new business model for the art gallery world. In this week’s feature we asked founder Chelsea Neman to give us her top five artists to have an eye on that are changing the game through their different mediums. Find some new inspiration below, and shop all featured art at Tappan Collective.

Brian Merriam

Brian Merriam was born under a full moon on Halloween night, which may explain some beautiful haunting elements in his imagery. He first picked up a camera to document a cross-country drive with friends, and has not put it down ever since. Lately, his kit has consisted of a Leica M7, a Contax G2 and a Fuiji Klasse. His work seeks to document the forgotten corners, empty roads and nowhere places of America and beyond. Initially, Brian took his photographs and crafted stories around them. As his work has evolved, he starts with an initial concept to dictate his approach and ventures to find the story to share with his audience. His main inspiration points go from west of the Rockies to taking the time to get lost.

Cheryl Humphreys

Cheryl Humphreys’ work tows the line between art and design. Raised in Baltimore, Cheryl was influenced at a young age by her mother's mark making as a hands-on interior designer. She moved to Los Angeles to study at Otis College of Art & Design, where she cultivated her love for printmaking, typography and book design. These mediums, combined with her appreciation for a challenge, offer complex, layered avenues for the application of her visual work. The influence of the dichotomy in her mind – the designer and the artist – is evident in her attention to detail, composition and inherent understanding of geometry and space. A visual exploration – her work calls upon the viewer to get up close and personal. Cheryl’s recent work “I Just Have This Feeling” will be featured in an upcoming exhibition at Paul Loya Gallery in Los Angeles, which opened November 7th.

Dafy Hagai

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Dafy Hagai is a director and photographer. Drawn to real moments and places that evoke nostalgia, her predilection for a minimalistic, color-oriented and graphic visual language permeates her work. One can similarly feel the simmering notion of female empowerment as she intertwines elements of fashion into her art. Recently, Dafy collaborated with the Swedish brand Eytys on a campaign that features models selected off the street with their own families in the Israeli desert. Undoubtedly powerful, Dafy continues to push the boundaries and shows the world what it looks like through her unique lens.

Lola Rose Thompson

Lola Rose Thompson was born in Studio City, California. She studied sculpture at the School of The Art Institute of Chicago and received her BFA from Otis College of Fine Arts. Lola is interested in the idea that objects can receive and transmit information that they may or may not contain; and moreover, that these objects have vast stores of data and figures that may be difficult to see. Using predominantly watercolor or acrylic on paper, she is influenced by nature, politics, tabloid trends, people with power and people’s emotions. She often accompanies her work by lengthy prose or titles – a concept that she continues to use – to show the tension between the text and context of her work. You may be able to find Lola around the city of Los Angeles as she recently began painting portraits in various locations throughout the city.

Sebastian Weiss

A German architectural photographer, Sebastian Weiss is fascinated by the aesthetics of construction and details of shapes. In his eyes, every building has its own architectural language with an individual vocabulary. He currently works for Architectural Digest Germany as a photo columnist. Certainly, Sebastian is heavily influenced by growing up in Germany – where a city like Berlin is marked by wartime destruction and contrasting architectural monuments. An avid user of Instagram (@le_blanc), Sebastian has harnessed components of social media as a way to communicate without talking – honing a modern visual language.

Art as featured below:

1. Brian Merriam "Mist Six" | starts at 12 x 18” photograph $90
2. Brian Merriam "Foreshadowing" | starts at 16 x 24” photograph $200
3. Cheryl Humphreys "From Behind" | 4 x 6” blind embossed monoprint $150
4. Cheryl Humphreys "Shrooms" | 4 x 6” blind embossed monoprint $150
5. Dafy Hagai "Omer" | starts at 10 x 14” photograph $80
6. Dafy Hagai "Pink" | starts at 10 x 14” photograph $80
7. Lola Rose Thompson "Famous Heartbreakers and Other Half People" | 12 x 18” watercolor $375
8. Lola Rose Thompson "People Seeking Novel Ways to Find Oblivion" | 12 x 18” watercolor $300
9. Sebastian Weiss "Lisbon’s Shapes" | starts at 12 x 12” photograph $90
10. Sebastian Weiss "The Dune" | starts at 12 x 12” photograph $90