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APEIRON, Greek for "that which is unlimited" features a diverse range of works that express the energy of life and the importance of uninhibited creativity. Using various mediums including paint, film and clay, our artist's vibrant compositions explore the dynamic interplay between the chaos and calmness of ideating with no bounds.

We invite gallery guests to immerse themselves in this collection of works that celebrate the optimism of the human spirit and limitless possibilities of artistic expression

Lady LuckLady Luck
Sun Down, DownSun Down, Down
They Cling to the Rock No. 9They Cling to the Rock No. 9
Cave Vessel: Blue SpoutCave Vessel: Blue Spout
Spring Alphabet XISpring Alphabet XI
Blue Anise BBlue Anise B
Seventh Bathsheba IISeventh Bathsheba II
NOW!, Sculpture  by  NOW! TappanNOW!, Sculpture  by  NOW! Tappan
Infra RainbowInfra Rainbow
Wave Wall Sculpture (Butter)Wave Wall Sculpture (Butter)
Wave Wall Sculpture (Cobalt)Wave Wall Sculpture (Cobalt)
Spectral MeditationsSpectral Meditations
Wave BowlWave Bowl
Sebbe, Photography  by  Sebbe TappanSebbe
No 2No 2
No 6No 6
Granite SlabGranite Slab
Cave Vessel: Black FlowCave Vessel: Black Flow
Cave Vessel: Earth AshCave Vessel: Earth Ash
Potato Tree With Pink VinesPotato Tree With Pink Vines
Cave Vessel: Calcium PoolCave Vessel: Calcium Pool
Cave Vessel: White LipCave Vessel: White Lip
Cave Vessel: Green LipCave Vessel: Green Lip
Cave Vessel: Blue FallCave Vessel: Blue Fall
Gradiance #20Gradiance #20
Freeriders BlackFreeriders Black
Praia IIIPraia III
Midnight Oil, Work on Paper  by  Midnight Oil TappanMidnight Oil, Work on Paper  by  Midnight Oil Tappan
MBTS-1, Painting  by  MBTS-1 TappanMBTS-1, Painting  by  MBTS-1 Tappan
Rebirth I, Painting  by  Rebirth I TappanRebirth I


Alyssa Coscarelli | Collector Profile

Alyssa Coscarelli | Collector Profile

Alyssa Coscarelli, a digital creator now based in Los Angeles after a decade in New York City, is a former fashion-editor turned freelance creative and consultant. After years working with bran...

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Michael DeSutter | Counting Bars
Artist Series

Michael DeSutter | Counting Bars

Inspired by his late grandfather’s love of music and charting market growth, Michael DeSutter created “Counting Bars.” The collage series takes cues from business graphs and bar charts, reimagining...

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Brian Merriam | Silence in a Secret Language
Artist Series

Brian Merriam | Silence in a Secret Language

Brian Merriam on his series, Silence In a Secret Language“I'm drawn to powerful places. places with rich spiritual traditions. Nepal as a whole is an amazing mix of so many of these traditions...

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