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Black & White Art


Black & White Art:


Black, white and shades of grey. A variety of mediums that create an effect without the use of color, challenging artists to refine their craft and composition. Undoubtedly classic and calls for the viewer to take a closer look.


The deceptive simplicity of black and white draws attention to the depth of tonal variations, exquisite textures, and the complexity of formal structure. Negative space within the defined framework of black and white plays with perception and movement with minimized distraction, creating dynamic works of art.


Dominic Rouse

"Colour is everything, black and white is more."



The artworks in Tappan’s curated collection can be seamlessly incorporated into any live or work space.



Whether your personal taste leans more toward abstract or representational, Tappan’s collection of black and white artworks can provide tasteful statement pieces.




Martinet + Texereau articulate familiar objects through vigorously detailed graphite drawings. The duo’s design-oriented aesthetic works to challenge commonplace architecture, objects, and places through spectacular renderings.


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