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Artists For Change

Some of our artists launching this summer have expressed the desire to donate their proceeds to organizations that speak to them during this time. Please consider helping them hit their personal donation goals.

For a list of additional organizations to support and petitions to activate, please click here.

Artwork from Artists Donating

Equality Now: Actions Steps and Donation Resources

Tappan actively stands with Black Lives Matter and those who want to create a better and more equitable future. We wanted to use our platform to create a resource of different ways to be active in the journey toward true equality and justice. The time for positive change is now, and we will be on this path as long as it takes.

Please note that if there is a crucial organization or petition you wish to see here, we are here to support. Please email to have your cause added to our list.

If you would like assistance to growing your own art collection, our expert advisory team is here to help. Reach out to them for a personal consultation here.