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Martinet & Texereau | An Interview

We are excited to launch new work by French duo Pauline Martinet and Zoé Texereau. Their graphite on paper drawings once again play with the familiar, exploring how simplicity can transform a space and allow a viewer to see beyond the ordinary. 

Read our interview with them and view their new work below.

How has your art changed from when you first started creating?

There is not much that has changed in terms of process, as we work the same way as the first day we started drawing together. 

What has evolved are the types of projects we take on. Now that more and more people are collecting our work and have the desire to live with it, there is more reward in each project. We learn from every encounter and experience. 

From a personal point of view, we feel we are more assertive in our approach, and will continue to express this over time. 


Other than the genre you work in, what other types of art do you most enjoy?

We have been practicing the photo for a long time. For now it's a practice we keep to ourselves. It helps us a lot in our creative process. 

We also started doing painting research. It's great for us to get away from drawing from time to time. And to move towards more spontaneous techniques.

 What artist has give you the best advice? What was it?

One of our professors. The advice was more of a directive: "work".    


 Do you remember the first piece you created which you felt was a "work of art," and what was it?

We remember the first drawing we did together very well, but at that time we did not imagine there would be more. We did not think we would be artists.

Today we see our art as just the product of the two of us. We simply draw the things we think we should take more time to look at.  

How do you move past a creative block when you run out of ideas? 

That is the advantage of working together as a team. We are never at the same pace, so there is always one to lead the other towards new ideas. 


What is the primary question art is addressing today? What questions do you address?

For us art is always about beauty. Or more precisely about wonder and surprise. 

And when beauty is not the purpose. So must hope that art questions political subjects. 

Both options can easily work together. 

How would you define the role social media plays in art? Art making? Art promoting?

Social networks are a good communication tool, and for an artist it is difficult to connect without it today. It makes it much easier! 

We mainly us Instagram. Our posts are quite spontaneous. We try not to overthink the impact of each image. Instead we try to approach it as a good way to show our work and have fun.

An art collection celebrates the social and political world a collector wants to inhabit. Do either of you personally collect, and if so what and why?

We mainly collect works from our friends who are artists. 

We would love to have more!

Price aside, is there a particular art object you would like to possess?

"Price aside", maybe an Edward Hopper's painting and a Pierre Bonnard

Who are some of the artists working today that you look to for inspiration or admire?

We really like the work of Belgian painter, Luc Tuymans. We also very much admire French artist, Claire Tabouret's paintings. 

Are there one or two books that have had a dramatic impact on your thinking? 

Bonjour Tristesse by Françoise Sagan and An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris by George Perec.

Do you have a particular philosophy on life?

Do not complain, work, and have fun!

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