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Article: Luke Chiswell | PAS BON BIEN

Luke Chiswell | PAS BON BIEN - Tappan
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Luke Chiswell | PAS BON BIEN

Australian artist Luke Chiswell translated the mantras on his iconic trophies, made of skateboards ridden to their breaking point, into French and took to the streets of Paris to exhibit the works throughout the city. The project is called “Pas Bon Bien”, meaning No Good Good, a title from one of the works in the English iteration of the series.

“The movement and texture within the works reflects the level of intensity in my creative process - intuitive markings, scratches and scrawls both deliberate and accidental, are all visible. Excessive folds of canvas elude to more than fits the frame, more of the space of interest than can fit within the work. Trying to fit more in.

The objet trouve materials which form my sculptural work highlight the importance of artistic choice. The combination of materials gathered from a chosen environment are considered based on the perceived time value of each object, collectively creating an abstract representation of time. The lifespan of each individual material in the work then articulates its function as a measurement of time. Considering a rock is older than a branch, I use the rock to represent the longest length of time within a work. Freezing fabric in motion, or casting rock and branch in metal, I addresses past and future through direction of movement, capturing a short moment in time, attempting to hold on to it and make it last.”


Luke Chiswell

Luke Chiswell says:

“Adapting my mantras into French while showing these Trophies in Paris just made sense, It would've felt rude not to.”

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