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Studio Visit - Firoozeh Neman -  Original & Limited Edition Art at Tappan

Studio Visit - Firoozeh Neman

Studio Visit - Firoozeh Neman


Studio Visit with Firoozeh Neman

Deeply inspired by poetry and mythology, Firoozeh Neman is an intuitive artist who allows her works to present themselves organically. Read on to her explore her studio.


Describe your work in three words...


Out of the box. Whimsical.


Where do you draw inspiration from?


Mythology and poetry.


Firoozeh Neman says

“I let the pen flow and allow the pen to take a life of its own. I am a mere channel that holds the pen.”


Walk us through your creative process.


I let the pen flow and allow the pen to take a life of its own. I am a mere channel that holds the pen. When I put the pen to paper I don’t have a clue as to what will appear on the paper.

In regards to my sculptures, the same principles apply. I don’t dictate to my pieces what they will turn out to be. They have a life of their own. I give them form, they give me the details and their expressions. We don’t fight. We flow together and we are both happy.


What art/artists are you inspired by/interested in?


Modigliani and Egon Schiele.

About Firoozeh Neman

Firoozeh Neman’s intricate and reflective drawings are meditations on our relationship with life and the choices we make each day.


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About Firoozeh Neman

Firoozeh Neman is a visual artist, whose life journey has settled her in the serene foothills of Ojai California. Now in her mature years, she sees her work as a reflection of her life philosophy. Of Persian origins, Firoozeh has strong roots in the land’s mystic poetry and ancient mythology. Allow, flow and embrace it all with love, is the underlying message. Her intricate and reflective drawings and sculptures are meditations on her relationship to that life philosophy. It is that force which echoes in her work and flows through, allowing each piece to dictate the details of its own story. Firoozeh’s joy is in the anticipation of what will be revealed. While her sculptures are serene, poised and assured, the edges of anarchy are bound to come through.


“They all start with a clump of clay. It boggles my mind how each develops into a character unique to itself. Sometimes as I’m wrapping up a piece, doing the last touch ups, a name pops up into my mind. I‘d like to think that they are introducing themselves to me.” - Firoozeh Neman