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Studio Visit - BB Mantis

Studio Visit

Studio Visit with BB Mantis

“As the astral and etheric realm get closer to physicality, you can see the effect of the dots taking shape and forming what the viewer chooses to see, depending on the viewers state of mind at that time,” explains BB Mantis.



Walk us though your creative process. What is the most challenging part of the process? What do you really enjoy about it? How do you take an initial idea and turn it into art?



I let the pen flow and allow the pen to take a life of its own. I am a mere channel that hold the pen When I put the pen to paper I don’t have a clue as to what will appear on the paper.



On the series

"Each sketch was inspired by Rumi or Hafez, Persian mystics of the 13th & 14th Century."



Where do you draw inspiration from? 


Mythology & Poetry


What art/artists are you inspired by/interested in?


Modogliani & Egon Schiele

About BB Mantis

Her intricate, reflective drawings are meditations on our relationship with life and how we choose to live our every day.


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