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Echoes of Being - Original & Limited Edition Art at Tappan

April 12 - May 28, 2024

Echoes of Being

ECHOES OF BEING invites you to contemplate the concepts of spirituality, nature, and interconnectedness. Our featured artists explore the intricacies of the natural world and the often surreal human experience. Serving as a mirror, the show compels viewers to confront their innermost thoughts and emotions about the complexities of being human. Bridging the tangible and the metaphoric, these works take the viewer on a journey into the heart of our shared existence.

Jaimie Milner
Sale priceFrom $ 450
Jacques Brun
Sale priceFrom $ 500
Danny Scott Lane
Sale priceFrom $ 300
Astrid Verhoef
Sale priceFrom $ 750
Vince Palacios
Sale price$ 6,500
Shawn Polmo
Sale price$ 6,200
Sale price$ 10,000
Lola Erhart
Sale priceFrom $ 8,000
Ilka Kramer
Sale priceFrom $ 890
Katie Moore
Sale price$ 1,500
Eric Uhlir
Sale price$ 13,000
Georgia Elrod
Sale price$ 3,400
Jacques Brun
Sale priceFrom $ 800


Luis Arturo Sanchez | Collector Profile - Tappan

Luis Arturo Sanchez | Collector Profile

Luis Arturo Sanchez is a digital marketer by profession, turned full-time content creator by passion. Born in Cordoba, Mexico, and now living in Downtown Los Angeles, his content revolves around...

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Roze Traore | Guest Curator - Tappan

Roze Traore | Guest Curator

Rōze Traore is more than just a chef, media personality, and entrepreneur; he is a visionary creator of unforgettable dining experiences, sought after by both discerning clients and iconic brand...

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Arch Digest | Noora Raj Brown | In the Press - Tappan
In the Press

Arch Digest | Noora Raj Brown | In the Press

Color was the key for Noora Raj Brown’s Brentwood home. The EVP of Brand at Goop, Raj Brown works daily guiding a platform that millions of people turn to as an arbiter of taste. We were thril...

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