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Cheryl Humphreys | Studio Visit

Los Angeles, CA

September 2014


Tell us a little bit about what you're doing in your work now. 

I am continuing exploration of my Bring Into Being series where I experiment with surrender vs. control of my mediums; responding to organic ink forms with the meticulous process of blind embossing to create abstract landscapes that transcend the two dimensional.

I have also started a new series: A Collection of Vices, a body of work that explores the tension created when our dark secrets are portrayed in a visually pure way. This series has also lead to using neon as a medium; a new and exciting challenge.

When do you make your best work?

After midnight. This is when I feel the most alone and am free to get weird without interruption

Which is your favorite quote?

"The only rule is work" - Sister Corita

What is your favorite color?

Dusty pink

What is your biggest demon?


What is your happy place?


What would you create for a lover?

A visual love note everyday

Who is your favorite artist?

Helen Frankenthaler

Why do you make art?

It's the way to communicate that comes easiest to me

What inspires you?

My surroundings, my friends, good story tellers, travel, hip hop, disco, old books, new books, my boyfriend & best friend Mike, minimalism, Big Sur, fashion week, afternoon naps

Where are you from and where do you live now?

Born in New York, raised in Baltimore, live & work in LA

What is something people would be surprised to discover about you?

I am kind of messy

What is your hero?

My mom