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Exhibition - Michael DeSutter Storefront -  Original & Limited Edition Art at Tappan

Exhibition - Michael DeSutter Storefront

Exhibition - Michael DeSutter Storefront


Tappan Storefront | Michael DeSutter:


Brooklyn based collage artist, Michael DeSutter joined us earlier this year to participate in our residency program. During his stay, we invited him to create a storefront installation in our Downtown studio space.


Movement is a central theme of DeSutter’s work and it came as no surprise to see him explore this further through a physical installation. Fascinated by the way materials move in the urban landscape, this concept translated into sheaths of brightly colored, semi-opaque fabric dancing in a fan-forced wind.


Michael DeSutter says,

"Cutting up a photograph has always felt like an intimate experience to me. I see all the lines and details that I probably would have missed flipping through the pages."




For DeSutter, movement goes beyond the physical, embracing metaphorical connotations too. This thematic common thread is articulated clearly in his paper collage works, which manifest in both colorful and monochromatic compositions.


“Movement is everything,” says DeSutter. “I see my journey through life as movement along a path. I learn new things everyday that inform my next day, year, decade. To me that’s what is so exciting. I believe it’s important to take first steps even if you’re unsure of what you’re doing or how it will go, you’ll learn from them and that’s something you’ll be able to take with you the rest of your life. Momentum requires movement.”


View more of Michael DeSutter’s work here, available exclusively at Tappan.


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