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Eric Uhlir

Eric Uhlir


b. 1979

Lives and works in Washington, DC.

Eric Uhlir uses abstraction to examine the lines between art historical reference and this lived history in an attempt to name and give voice to these conflicted spaces we currently inhabit. References to the environment, art, and human history all take center stage across his large, vibrant paintings. Uhlir has received numerous awards and recognitions such as The Boynes Artist Award and the Washington Commission on the Arts and Humanities’ Fellowship. His work has been written up in the Washington Post and is held in private collections internationally.

Eternal PreserveEternal Preserve
With a Little Breath StirredWith a Little Breath Stirred
Bryant vs JamesBryant vs James
Naked and BowedNaked and Bowed
Lemon WingsLemon Wings
Miami Lux AeternaMiami Lux Aeterna
Red RoomRed Room
Take What You Can CarryTake What You Can Carry
To itself, the timekeeperTo itself, the timekeeper
The Natural CrossingThe Natural Crossing
Run, RabbitRun, Rabbit
Rivalry (Odom vs Rondo)Rivalry (Odom vs Rondo)
Kobe (Clock)Kobe (Clock)
“Much like our human systems of invention and destruction, each painting is built up through additive mark making and reductive methods like scraping, drawing or the application of solvents.”
-Eric Uhlir

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