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World Photo Day

World Photo Day

World Photo Day: 


To celebrate World Photo Day on August 19, Tappan has curated a collection of works from our favorite photographers.


Aiming to inspire photographers across the globe to share their work, World Photograph Day is an opportunity for us to celebrate the work of Tappan artists. From Gia Coppola, to Marc Gabor and Dafy Hagai, these works explore a broad range of themes to culminate in a dynamic collection of works.

Marc Gabor says

“I love seeing pictures of my work installed or even better seeing it in person. It’s a great feeling to see a piece of art that you created work in harmony with its new surroundings.”








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Costa Rica Costa Rica
Costa Rica
from $ 160.00
"They couldn't alter the face of the earth much - that was still recognizable"
from $ 160.00
Tahara'a Tahara'a
from $ 250.00
Graphic Lisbon 03 Graphic Lisbon 03
Graphic Lisbon 03
from $ 350.00
Awash Zine Awash Zine
Awash Zine
Regular price $ 15.00
Core Core
from $ 250.00
Green Coasts Green Coasts
Green Coasts
from $ 240.00
Mallorca Corner 3 Mallorca Corner 3
Mallorca Corner 3
from $ 480.00
Marine Marine
Regular price $ 1,400.00 Sold
Untitled (Cres) Untitled (Cres)
Untitled (Cres)
Regular price $ 750.00 Sold
Church Playground Church Playground
Church Playground
from $ 160.00
Awash 7 Awash 7
Awash 7
from $ 160.00
Baja California 093 Baja California 093
Baja California 093
from $ 290.00
Foehn2 Foehn2
from $ 380.00
Regular price $ 35.00
Untitled IX (Joshua Tree) Untitled IX (Joshua Tree)
Untitled IX (Joshua Tree)
from $ 250.00
Untitled I Untitled I
Untitled I
from $ 250.00
Clarksdale 2 Clarksdale 2
Clarksdale 2
from $ 850.00
Sois Belle 2.1 + 2.2 Sois Belle 2.1 + 2.2
Sois Belle 2.1 + 2.2
from $ 2,050.00
Mue I Mue I
Mue I
from $ 350.00
Foreshadowing Foreshadowing
from $ 240.00