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1:1 Original Works

1:1 Original Works



Unique artworks are one of a kind. Acquire an original for your collection today.

The feelings dictate the choices of techniques and materials.









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Our team of art insiders have personally crafted collections that speak to key trends across art, interiors and design


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Resurfacing Resurfacing
from $ 1,050.00
Wiry Wiry
from $ 400.00
Roadside Convo Roadside Convo
Roadside Convo
Regular price $ 2,300.00
Blindspots Blindspots
from $ 850.00
Gridscape Gridscape
from $ 1,200.00
Macaw Macaw
Regular price $ 3,200.00
Division Celebration Division Celebration
Division Celebration
from $ 850.00
Yours Truly Yours Truly
Yours Truly
from $ 1,500.00
Small study, K Small study, K
Small study, K
from $ 220.00
Set of 3 Bookmarks Set of 3 Bookmarks
Set of 3 Bookmarks
Regular price $ 50.00
going to be late soon (unspoked) going to be late soon (unspoked)
going to be late soon (unspoked)
Regular price $ 1,800.00
Comb Grid Comb Grid
Comb Grid
from $ 1,050.00