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Alice Quaresma

Wonderland 04

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15x25", mixed media: photography, color tape, color paper and acrylic paint over photographic print

Alice has been experimenting with materials that allow her photographs to be sensorial and playful, pushing the boundaries of photography as a flat surface. She is using acrylic paint, paper, tape and pencil over photo prints. As the same time, her work explores the physical aspects of photography, she continues to use images from her personal photo archive to elaborate on the idea of displacement and identity. She uses her own life experience as an individual living in a foreign country and its difficulty of finding an identity as her main source of inspiration. “I am letting subjective decisions exist in my work, the same way we deal with the unexpected in life. Lately, I have been calling my artwork “photo-object”. With my “photo-objects” I am bringing volume, texture and the idea of time as a mutation condition to the work. In my series “Wonderland” I am creating imaginary landscapes, as a reflection on country and cultural borders dissolving over globalization and technology.”


Floated: 19.25"x29.25"x1.25"


The work comes with a Certification of Authenticity signed by the Co-Founder of Tappan.


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