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Michael Gittes

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16x20.5", 5 acrylic on paper works, framed

"This series is a product of my frustration with my syringe series.  I had 100s of paintings on paper that I considered failures and had come to resent," explains Gittes. "I tore up a large piece and put it in a blender with water, which was therapeutic for me. The following day, the clump of "paper" in the blender was solid.  The natural chemicals of the paper that were released during the blend held the clump together. 

Eventually, I started shaping the mache-like substance, realizing that if I laid other pieces of paper onto the mush while it was still wet, the two would naturally adhere once the mush had dried completely.  I take my favorite moments out of the pieces I'm about to destroy (1-2 inch strips) and arrange them on the mush that I just blended.  It takes anywhere from 20-100 pieces to make a single blender piece, depending on size."

In a sense, I want to see these pieces find redemption by working together as failures, creating a single success in a new piece."


Signed by the artist. 


Please allow 7-10 days for the work to ship.