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Katy Krantz

Vessel 1



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Vessel 1, 9.75" x 12.5", ceramic stoneware, 2014

Exhibited in Tappan's group show, Dressed Up Normal, in Los Angeles. For more information on Dressed Up Normal, please visit our journal HERE.

The series "Nine Vessels for Yianna" was created while Katy was pregnant with her second child. They are a departure from previous work in that they return to a more traditional vessel form. The work was inspired by the idea of creating a tangible offering for her new child. She was also thinking about her changing body as a vessel and about how the body can literally hold memories and experiences. The blue drawings on the vessels, which are made with cobalt oxide, are loosely inspired by biological and anatomical illustrations.


Signed by artist 


This work is exhibited in Tappan's group show, Dressed Up Normal, and will ship after 6/24/16 once the show closes.

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