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Cheryl Humphreys

Untitled in Gold

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Original embossed paper in gold leaf, supported by wood wrapped in silk. 

Informed by the nature of printmaking and the digital tools used to create her prints, the act of repetition has become an integral part of Cheryl Humphreys creating process. “I have taken to experimenting with the prints’ surfaces to evolve them and push the boundaries of traditional printmaking and traditional edition making. For example, is it still an edition if each print within the edition is hand-dyed, painted or gold-leafed? Do these hand-processes intercept the edition, making each one their own?” These questions are explored in Humphreys’ installation; overwhelming repetition throughout the piece coalesced with the free and flowing nature of the individual pieces creates a complex arrangement of rigidity with a taste of the untamable, “like most women,” adds Humphreys.


Signed by the artist. 


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