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The Lull of Nostalgia The Lull of Nostalgia

Nevia Pavletic

The Lull of Nostalgia

Original Drawing

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Colored pencil on Hahnemuhle bugra paper | 2017

The overarching theme of this body of work is the passing of time, and how the Pavletic experiences the phenomenon of impermanence at a visceral level. “As we move through time things inevitably change. The seasons come and go. Plants die, and their seeds give rise to new life. Our bodies age, and eventually decay. All of matter is in a constant state of flux. I hope that my drawings give a voice to the quiet, subtle beauty—which is often intertwined with grief and longing—that manifests itself during my meditative contemplations into impermanence.”


43 x 34 inches


47.25 x 38.25 x 1.25 inches


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The dreamy and surreal appearance of Pavletic's most recent body of work reflects a fascination with the mystery of existence and the unknown.