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Struan Teague

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unique 3-color screen-print on Fabriano paper, 19.5x27.5”, signed and dated, 2015

Teague's use of instantaneous processes and materials - screen,print, spray paint, even dirt and spillage - force quicker and more irrevocable decisions to be made, resulting in intuition taking a crucial role in the image making process. Similarly, cropping, editing, and combining becomes a tantamount action within his practice. While such a manner of image-making involves an element of risk and uncertainty, Teague finds this element of his process the most intuitive, telling, and frequently the most exciting.

In this regard, all aspects of the 'work of art' are considered: including the artist in the studio; the cerebral and often distancing lexicon of art-theory and conceptualist thought; to the actual fundamentals we see before us - where a structured support and the canvas overtop transcend their materiality to become The Work of Art. Teague reminds us that the Artwork is at once an entire picture as well as a simply both the sum and independent of its parts; the combination and overlap of multiple pictures or images to create new meanings; and the space in which these series of images and artworks are displayed thus affect, defer from, and support one another.


Matted: 27.5"x35.5"x2"

Floated: 23.75"x31.75"x1.25"


Signed by the artist. 


Work will ship between 7-10 business days. 

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