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Stephen D'Onofrio



$ 2,000.00

* "unmounted" is not available with framing

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36x36", 2016, acrylic on canvas

This collection of work by Stephen D’Onofrio explores mainstream consumer design markets, but remains self aware of the tropes they are portraying. Appropriating decor textile, commercial iconography and voluptuous forms, D’Onofrio’s paintings exude a pop-aesthetic, emphasizing the objects rather than the individual. When a figure is incorporated, you will rarely see its full form; rather, a monochrome or generic idea of human existence. D'Onofrio distills, consolidates, and appropriates rather than fights or overtly criticizes the inherent banality of this aesthetic. He embraces the imagery with formal consideration so the work can, in turn, become a critique of the subject it is representing.

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Signed by the artist. The work comes with a Certification of Authenticity signed by the Co-Founder of Tappan


Please allow 5 - 7 business days for unframed works.

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