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Gabrielle Teschner

Sea Wall


$ 12,000.00

* "unmounted" is not available with framing

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acrylic ink on muslin, 94x161" | 2012

Teschner calls the works on fabric “Sculpture That is Flat”. They are ways of working and thinking through ideas of three-dimensionality and the spatial concerns of sculpture and architecture. The works are on a flat plane, which allows her to address a single perspective of that form and to consider our associations to these archetypes.

“A cube sitting on a table for example, or a column seen from above. They easily fold, or roll, and this sets them apart from the weighty forms they represent. This soft architecture is flexible, accessible, and occupies different spaces and even different geographical locations. It can be seen from the back, and its construction is easily revealed,” explains Teschner. 

"In this way, the architecture is not stable and its origin is often forgotten. Columns, stones, staircases and walls have become ways of addressing mathematics, the sciences and language—the precise yet shifting constructions of culture. The cube and the brick are forms that the artist returns to because they represent essential forms for the building of greater structures."

"The small shifts are the first detail that I anticipate in the making of the work. The process of cutting, painting, and reassembling creates breaks in the logic of the common forms. There is sense that a staircase can reliably scale a given height, and an attraction to this stability. I am interested in how the disruptions to the image of the staircase might contribute to new associations," says Teschner. 


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