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Alice Wiese

Robot City

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30x30", embroidery thread on cotton fabric, stretched, 2016

Alice Wiese's meticulously constructed canvases are comprised of dissected and reconstructed patterns. The patterns created are at both chaotic and calming with intentional currents of order and repetition. “With my pieces, I am using a traditional textile technique but treating the thread as a drawing implement. Instead of using embroidery as a decorative technique, I use it as an art form, using the thread to draw and create shapes to move the viewer’s eyes in different directions,” explains Wiese.

"It’s fascinating working with a medium in which a new tactile experience is explored. It can create strong connections with its viewers, where transformation finds order in its chaos. Using only white thread, I experiment with the direction of my stitches, focusing on how the light reacts to the thread, allowing my pieces to assume different levels of dimension through the medium,” says Wiese.


Signed by the artist.


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Wiese's work is inspired by themes of grief, loss, change and the process of rebuilding oneself.

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