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Kelsey Shultis

Purple Peak



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12x16", oil on arches paper, 2016

We are excited to launch a new body of Shultis' painted landscapes. Inspired by her travels to Sweden and Ireland as well as 90s films and toys, these works take us back in time to our childhood, where fairytales and reality had the potential to coexist. 

Shultis describes these places as "Wet mossy rainforests, lush rolling hills, rich abundant fields, landscapes that are so sumptuous they are almost delectable". The fantastical imagery of videos such as fern gully or Wee Sing are brought to life in Shultis' paintings, and ask us to revisit this period of our life where the world had endless possibility and density.

At the same time, these paintings speak to the internal resistance we experience to such indulgence as adults. Shultis confronts the feelings of shame, self-criticism, ego, by allowing them to be a part of her paintings. In her own words: "In order to make space for the lush abundance that I so terribly want, I need to paint the embarrassment and condemnation that goes along with it. There is only one shame painting in this series. And that one shame painting made enough room for the rest


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