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Alice Quaresma




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24"x16" | Paint and pencil on archival pigment print | 2017

In collaboration with Le Magayzn, Tappan is proud to present Escape, an exhibition of recent works by New York-based artist Alice Quaresma. Escape celebrates Quaresma’s experience documenting the landscape of Los Angeles during her residency at the Tappan Atelier.

Quaresma has been experimenting with materials that allow her photographs to be sensorial and playful, pushing the boundaries of photography’s two-dimensionality. Quaresma captures the outsider point of view in this series of work, creating ludic and contemplative images that clash with hand-painted marks added to the photograph, “These works approach space from a poetic perspective; they don’t portray truth of any true social reality; rather, the pieces create a ludic image of a familiar location,” explains Quaresma. “The Tappan Atelier residency gave me the opportunity to explore parts of California in a deeper way, in order to create a duality between reality and imagination,” says the artist. “In this way, Escape becomes a poetic portrait of California coast cities. Each city I photographed during this project are confronted by the repetitive action of the waves that reinvent themselves every time they come and go.”


Floated: 28.25"x20.25"x1.25"

Full Bleed: 25.25"x17.25"x1.25"

Certificate of Authenticity. 

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