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Michael Gittes

I Will Bring Flowers



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59x70", acrylic, oil, aminotriarylmethanes, leuco indamines, phenethylanilines, sealer on canvas, framed in a waxed raw wood box frame.

"In this series my goal was to create a painting that emulated a song," explains Gittes. "One thing that I really love about music is that it is simultaneously ephemeral and permanent; there's an arc - there's a beginning and there's an end.  Once the song is done it does not exist, it only exists abstractly until you make the conscious decision to play it again.  It is a much different experience for the listener. I've tried to incorporate the musical experience into this series in a similar way. 

Under the over painting is a single specific color that corresponds with a first person declarative statement written inside the piece.  The underpainting is only revealed when it is heated to above 90 degrees.  The heated parts will remain exposed until the heated area drops back to room temperature (usually 1-2 minutes).

Once the viewer has seen the statement inside the piece, it is difficult to forget that the statement is hiding beneath the surface while looking at the piece.  So even if the piece is not activated, it will silently 'sing' its statement to those who are familiar with it."



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