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29x42", acrylic, soft-pastel, spray paint on stretched canvas | 2017

On her evolving practice, “…Painting is the vehicle to articulate moments that cannot be captured by a camera or described in words. Take, for example, a moment on a cliff that overlooks a river. From the top, I can experience the texture of the breeze and the sound of the water below. The temperature and sunlight affect the surroundings, as does that feeling in my stomach when I get close to the edge. I want to keep this moment and remember every detail later. Do I film it, or just take a photo? Should I stop trying and just sit on the ledge and dangle my feet over the side? It’s how to capture and recreate details from moments like this that I’m interested in. This has been the source of my experimentation.”


The work comes with a Certification of Authenticity signed by the Co-Founder of Tappan


Ships in 7-10 business days.