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Cheryl Humphreys

Counter Parts No. 16


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Debossed Monoprints | 4.5"x 6" 

Counter Parts is the continuation of a series of studies exploring compositions using the “counter parts" [cutouts] from stencils Humphreys has made over the years. Using shapes from varying degrees of her past work, elements of these motifs are now free from the layouts they were initially placed in, re-contextualized and abstracted, seeking to explore a secondary narrative that innately exists within her work, but had yet to come to the surface.


Floated: 10.25"x8.75"x1.25"


Signed and numbered by artist


Artwork will ship in 7-10 business days.

By contrasting meticulous printmaking techniques with organic ink markings, Humphrys' compositions quietly transcend the two-dimensional.

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