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Barney RUBBLE! Barney RUBBLE!

Jonni Cheatwood

Barney RUBBLE!

Original Object

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Oil, acrylic, alkyd, enamel, and inkjet print on sewn fabric and canvas | 2019

Playing a strategic game upon the surface of his canvases, Cheatwood executes a set of decisions with a coinciding step-by-step retort to each of his own moves. The process begins with a sewing machine, then to the floor, the walls and back to the floor, as he simultaneously moves from canvas to canvas, leaving behind the remnants of his own accidental marks and spilled materials. As he leaves his own history of movement and gesture on his works he is formulating his own autobiography with the fabric, bold colors, clean lines and raw power that all merge into a rough and ready approach; the results elegant and visually seductive.


30 x 24 inches


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