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Jeffrey Kraus

95 Feet Deep-02



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The 95 Feet Deep series was created upon the return of a month long trip I took to Honduras in winter of 2013. There is a lake there called lago de Yojoa which is actually 95 feet deep. I wanted the paintings to portray this sense of being underwater and in a foreign place. Like being in a fog and not being able to really see your own hand in front of your face, only being able to make out small details amongst the haze. The drawing elements, symbols, icons what have you are inspired by new experiences / anxieties / architecture / landscape of being in a different country. I wrote a poem for the artist statement of the works. "Murk surrounds memories past, beaten by waves to the bottom so fast, sitting like rocks entombed with desire, to be discovered as living in mire. These are impressions bound to keep, always to remain ninety five feet deep."


30" x 36" mixed media on canvas


Signed by artist on the back.


Unframed works ship in 7-10 business days. Framed works ship in 10-14 business days.