How to Hang Your Art

To place your hanging hardware, take the distance between the top of your artwork or frame to the screw hole in the hanging hardware, measure down from the existing wall mark and make a second mark.

When using a cleat, place the unattached wooden or metal bar against the wall with the beveled opening facing upwards. Start by installing the screw in the middle hole. Make sure the cleat is straight before installing additional screws.

Raise the work up flush against the wall and slowly lower it into the beveled cleat so that they are locked in place. Works using wires can be gently adjusted to straighten. If you don't have a level on hand, you can eyeball it from a distance or download a free level app on your phone.


Where to Hang Art

Try to center your artwork so that it is equidistant from breaks in the wall on either side (i.e. a pillar, corner or door). In terms of height, the midpoint of the work should be 58 to 60 inches from the floor once hung.

To measure this height, divide the height of your artwork by two, add 59 inches, and use a measuring tape from the floor to mark this height with a pencil or small piece of masking tape. This is where the top of your work will rest.

You may need to adjust this height to accommodate unusual ceiling height or large furniture.