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Tappan x Wit & Delight
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Tappan x Wit & Delight

January 27, 2016

Tappan x Wit & Delight

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The Missing Piece(s)

Posted 01/27/16 by Kate Arends


Gallons of paint. Endless furniture rearrangement. A renovation requiring Joe, Winnie and I to live with his parents for three months. You would think all of this would make the house feel complete, but something didn’t feel right. We chalked it up to us settling into the new space. After all, we hadn’t been there consistently the entire summer and we went to Europe for two weeks. Once we got back home it was a flurry of business travel and the holidays.Even as the dust settled and we started 2016, we couldn’t shake this feeling. Instead of something missing, maybe it was due to too much stuff. So I Marie Kondo’d my way through the house, ridding it of various stuff that no longer sparked joy. After a few carloads to the Goodwill, the house was much cleaner but a little more sparse. And then it clicked. For all the furniture, clocks, lights, mirrors, books and various decorative knick knacks, not one piece of art was on the wall. Nothing. But Kate, I see all the images on your Instagram feed with art on the wall. Well, yes and no. We have plenty of “shooting art”, pieces that are rotated on an as-needed basis that I use in various rooms, but there is nothing permanent on the walls.

It’s not that we don’t want art, we just can’t seem to agree on what pieces to purchase and then where to put them. So, back to square one. Do we ignore that feeling and continue on with clean, once-comforting-but-now-slightly-claustrophobic, white walls, or do we get into multiple “discussions” about finding the right piece. Win-win!

A friend of mine recommended we talk with Tappan, an online art gallery focused on connecting some of the best emerging artists with collectors and assist with curating collections.

The service was easy enough. Both Joe and I took turns combing through their online gallery selecting images we both liked, and once we had a large “wishlist”, we sent images of our space, along with measurements, for recommendations from the team. As an admitted control freak, and someone that has worked as a stylist, it was strange and I felt a bit sheepish, giving carte blanche to an outside service that I provide myself.In the end I realized we needed this impartial third party to help us out. I can style and design for others, but when it comes to myself. Nope. I’m far to close to the project to have any real perspective and think about the larger picture. It boggles the mind how many services are out there that seem specifically designed to prevent fights, ahem, discussions between couples. This being one of them.We’ve had the art on the walls for a few weeks now, and that nagging feeling that something is missing is mostly gone. We’ve had the art for a few weeks now, and I’m starting to be able to relax. Just a little.Look for more images and pieces in the upcoming months on the blog and on Instagram.—

Ed. Note: In the interest of full disclosure, Tappan was an amazing partner and went above and beyond their standard services to help me curate my new collection. Please visit Tappan Collective for a full list of services as well as a roster of up and coming artists. As always, while product was received in exchange for coverage, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting our partners!

—Images: 2nd Truth Photography


First Photo:

Artist: Dafy Hagai / Artwork: Xenn

Second Photo:

Artist: Lani Trock


Third Photo:
Artist: Gia Coppola / Artwork: Sushi


Fourth Photo:

LEFT: Artist: Isaac Zoller / Artwork: Rocks of the North Pacific, San Francisco

RIGHT: Artist: Brian Merriam / Artwork: Mist Six

Rumi Neely
art collector

Tappan Collective partnered with blogger & designer Rumi Neely to style the Are You Am I studio in Downtown Los Angeles.

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Rumi Neely



Los Angeles, CA

Tappan Collective partnered with blogger & designer Rumi Neely to style the Are You Am I studio in Downtown Los Angeles.

Launched in 2014 by Fashion Toast's Rumi Neely, Are You Am I is a luxury fashion line influenced by Rumi's personal style and California edge. Every fabric, stitch and finish is meticulously selected. It only makes sense that the Are You Am I studio reflects the commitment to design integrity, quality and Rumi's aesthetic. We selected works that embody her rock-and-roll yet feminine and effortless California style. 


How To: A Gallery Wall With How You Glow
art collector

How to create a gallery wall with How You Glow

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How To: A Gallery Wall With How You Glow

Gallery Wall Basics with the Ladies of How You Glow

Read full article on How You Glow

Works available on Tappan Collective:

"Woman" by Tyler Healy

"More Or Less" by Alyson Provax

"Glitter" by Tyler Healy

"Rain In Your Hands" by Heather Day

"Hemlock" by Stevie Howell

"Omer" by Dafy Hagai

"Forest" by Marc Gabor

"Alone Together" by Brian Merriam


To begin, it's a good idea to design your layout on the floor to best decipher spacing and balance around your chosen anchor piece. Usually, this is the largest piece of your collection. If you don’t have a statement piece, then you can stack a few artworks of similar proportion to be your center of attention.


Choose your baseline on the wall. This step acts as your outline. Take into account your furniture and other items in your entire space to help you figure out how the artworks will balance on the wall and ultimately, with the entire room.


To begin hanging, use a level so that every piece is straight and aligned perfectly. The slight details of proportion and spacing are small, but they make all the difference for a sophisticated look. Then sit back and enjoy!


Ara Katz
art collector

Ara Katz is a tech entrepreneur, designer, film producer and artist living in Venice, CA with her boyfriend Chris Ovitz. Ara and Chris' stunning architectural home in Venice, CA is filled with artwork by emerging to established artists.


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Ara Katz



Home in Venice, CA
Ara Katz is a tech entrepreneur, designer, film producer and artist living in Venice, CA with her boyfriend Chris Ovitz. Ara and Chris' stunning architectural home in Venice, CA is filled with artwork by emerging to established artists, including Ara herself! On their walls are works by Tappan Collective artists Martin Davis and Tyler Healy.
Shop artwork featured in Chris and Ara's home:
Silkscreen Prints by Martin Davis
Photos by Tyler Healy

Interview from Apartment Therapy:

Our Style:

Eclectic — I love modern design and a lot of the Danish, Norwegian and American designers from that time, especially from California. A lot of that design works well in work spaces but in the home, it’s about finding a balance of aesthetic and comfort, because the pieces that look beautiful often don’t work for everyday living. I also love incorporating organic materials with sentimental objects and images to create a sense of intimacy and to make the home more personal. Chris grew up in LA around a lot of beautiful art, so we also wanted to make sure the interior design showcased the art and didn’t detract from it.



While the space is designed with clean lines and lots of light, it is also near the beach in Venice and I’m from New York, so it was about bringing all these ideas together in a way that felt beautiful and livable. With lots of white walls and glass, we used moments of black and organic woods (reclaimed Russian oak, walnut) and textiles (organic undyed linen) to create warmth and to incorporate organic shapes, colors and textures into the space.
There’s definitely some inspiration from Leslie Williamson's book, Handcrafted Modern, which really speaks to the concept of balance between Venice's modern roots (Venice is actually where Ray and Charles Eames had their studio), the contemporary lines and architecture, the natural elements inspired by the ocean, and the masculine and feminine of both of us.


Favorite Element:

It’s an urban oasis, a private space on our favorite street. We love how Michael Sant, the architect, designed the indoor-outdoor space. Walking through our courtyard to the guest room or outside on the walkway to the studio really creates a sense of fluidity that is hard to feel in closed spaces, especially on a busy street.

Biggest Challenge:

There are actually only two corners where white walls meet in the whole space, so it was very difficult to decorate. It's not the kind of place where you can buy a chair you love and then just find a place for it — there is no flexibility to do that because everything is either built-in or has wall meeting glass. It was fun to design into these parameters and work it out by designing original pieces to work within the space.


What Friends Say:

“It is so you.”


Biggest Embarrassment:

Chris wanted a big sectional couch, and there is probably no kind of couch I like less, so that was a compromise, which actually became a fun design project because we couldn’t find the right one, so I made it.


Proudest DIY:

The furniture I designed — the coffee table in the living room, the couch, the benches inside and outside, and the outdoor pieces on the deck. It was really satisfying to create something and then get to live with it. It’s something I hope to do a lot more of.
Also, the previous owner had made a metal TV frame, and then we made another one from painted MDF around the TV in the guest room — people always comment on the frames because TVs can look so bad from the side when they are hung on the wall.

Biggest Indulgence:

Time. We were both running startups while we were trying to finish our house, so the design took a lot longer than we both would have liked. Making things takes longer, but ironically, it can be a lot cheaper if you know where to go and how to be resourceful.


Best Advice:

I’ve always loved Steve Jobs’ quote about design: “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." A lot of interior designers design spaces for look and feel and not for how a space lives and breathes every day and over time. A space has to work, and not just for an Apartment Therapy photo shoot!


Dream Sources:

Los Angeles. There are so many incredible design resources, artisans, and galleries, so I discovered a whole other side of LA that I didn’t know while I was designing the space. I also had the pleasure of meeting the designer Taylor Jacobson, who is so talented and was really helpful with sourcing and finding the perfect craftsman to help with some of the design projects.
Photographs by Lauren Ward

Emily Henderson & Orlando Soria
art collector

Orlando Soria, the west coast creative director of Homepolish, teamed up with HGTV star designer Emily Henderson to style her dining room with art from Tappan Collective. One of her tips? "

Make sure you choose items that accentuate the mood of your artwork."

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Emily Henderson & Orlando Soria



Orlando Soria, the west coast creative director of Homepolish, teamed up with HGTV star designer Emily Henderson to style her dining room with art from Tappan Collective! read the full story on
Orlando says the space "needed some life. It needed art... Tappan and Homepolish have oodles in common; they make collecting cool art from emerging artists a breeze and Homepolish makes interior design affordable and accessible to all, armed with our dear nation’s best and brightest designers. I want like everything on Tappan‘s site, so needless to say I jumped at the chance to help style the new dining room around this awesome piece by Molly Berman Emily chose for her space." Shop this artwork by Molly Berman

Art styling tip: "Make sure you choose items that accentuate the mood of your artwork. This Molly Berman piece from Tappan Collective has such a quiet, peaceful mood. Thus, we chose accessories that complimented the color palette and feel of the beautiful photograph."

Click to read all of Orlando's tips to design around your art collection... "with these tips, you will get rich, find the man of your dreams, and get rock hard abs by the time you finish reading this sentence. And you’ll have me to thank for it. You’re welcome."



Garret & Marina Leight
art collector

Tappan Collective visited Garrett & Marina in their Los Angeles home and asked some questions about why and what they collect. 

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Garret & Marina Leight



Los Angeles, CA
Garrett Leight is the founder of Garrett Leight California Optical (GLCO), established in 2010 in Venice, CA as a group of young, passionate purveyors of eyewear, dedicated to creating classic design by combining perfect craftmanship with timeless aesthetics. Garrett was born in Venice Beach in 1984 as a 4th generation Californian. Being the son of Oliver People's founders, Larry Leight and Cindy Leight, his childhood days were split between sports, the beach, and his family's passion for eyewear.
Marina Tia Leight graduated from FIDM Los Angeles and was selected for a scholarship in Rome to study for three years at one of the most prestigious couture design house in the world. Since returning to Los Angeles, she is known as one of the most valuable assets in this city for making the highest quality Made In Los Angeles products for up and coming fashion labels. A true career renaissance women who can illustrate, cut, sew, source, pattern-make, design, sample, produce, drape, or anything else you might imagine possible with a garment.
The creative couple is inspired by beauty, youth, art, fashion, photography, music, architecture and design. And so of course, they are active art collectors and have many works from Tappan Collective on their walls.
Tappan Collective visited Garrett & Marina in their Los Angeles home and asked some questions about why and what they collect.

Why do you collect art?

Because its a reminder of creative expression. In some ways its a distraction from my normal train of thought. Most importantly its constant inspiration in my home that evokes positive feelings.

When did you start collecting art?

Within the last three years.

What inspires you daily?

My surroundings. Mostly the environment that I live in as well as the people in my life like my friends and family.

Who are your favorites Tappan Collective artists? 

Brian Merriam, Jay Ezra, Noah Jashinski, Isaac Zoller

Does living with art affect your mood? 

Definitely. Mostly when I am just laying around the house reading or hanging out in general it stands out to me.


What is your favorite work in your collection? 

It constantly changes, but right now I am really enjoying my Michael Brunswick piece, probably because its a new exciting addition to our collection.

Who are some of your favorite artists? 

Doug Aitken, John Baldesarri, Raymond Pettibon, Aaron Young, Samantha Thomas

Why is collecting emerging art important to you? 

Because I have a home to put it in and because I just appreciate it more than ever as a creative expression. I love the vulnerability of true artist expression.

How do you choose the art you collect?

Most of the art that I collect is chosen because of the sentimental value, because much of the work I own is my friends work. At the moment I can afford most of their work.

If you could have one superpower what would it be? 

Wizard stuff like Harry Potter.

Do you have an objective with your collection?

No, thats too much pressure.

Do you feel the art you own is a reflection of yourself? How so? 

Yes, its all over the place.

Do you have a favorite color? What is it? 

Come on. Really?? Of course not! But if I have to choose, black and white.

Do you prefer sweet or savory?

Savory, sweet, savory, sweet, both.

What is your favorite book? 

Steve Jobs, Tao of Inner Peace, All the Potter books.

Who is your favorite fictional character? 

Am I going to heavy on the Harry Potter stuff? Heizenberg.

How do you spend your mornings? 

Coffee and Thinking.

How do you see the relationship between fine art and music?

Isn't music fine art? I guess only in some cases subjective to the ears.


Meghan Howland

Isaac Zoller

Cesar Vega

Noah Jashinski

Photographs by Lauren Ward

Franki & Cokey Falkow
art collector

Tappan Collective visits Franki and Cokey Falkow in their Los Angeles home. 


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Franki & Cokey Falkow



At home in Los Angeles, CA

Shop artworks in their collection:

Rose by Stevie Howell

Coastline by Marc Gabor




Jonah Hill
art collector

Tappan Collective visits Jonah Hill. 

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Jonah Hill



At home in Los Angeles, CA
Among Jonah Hill's collection of artwork by Ed Ruscha, Alex Prager and KAWS, he also likes to support emerging artists from Tappan Collective. Pictured in Jonah's collection is an original painting by Michael Gittes and Popsicles by Evan Robarts.
Jonah's Favorite Tappan Artists:
Michael Gittes