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Connect to exceptional emerging artists. Collect their work. Follow their career.

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The Future of Art Buying is here

We were born out of the desire to reinvent the art buying experience. Prioritizing the quality of work and our artists’ unique stories, we offer collectors an experience unlike any other.


Connect to exceptional emerging artists

Highlighting the work of exceptional artistic talent, Tappan artists are selected for their unique approach to their medium, commitment to their work, and their professional accolades.

The result is a simple and smart collection of unique art.



Collect their work

The Tappan approach is to distill the art buying experience through a simple aesthetic that embodies tasteful curation and personal advisory. For personalized advisory on curating your collection please contact us at  to speak to one of our expert art advisors.


Follow their Career

Explore the artist’s world through interviews and editorials to engage with the artists behind the work you collect. Tappan educates both new and seasoned collectors from art terms to trends.



Corporate + Interior Designers + Art Advisors

The Tappan Corporate Service Program encapsulates our incredibly diverse selection of fine art prints, painting, photography, sculpture, drawing, and extends into commissions, murals, custom print editions, installation opportunities and brand collaborations. We offer a suite of services including curatorial, installation, custom framing, and unique opportunities -- please inquire for more information and pricing.



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Tappan is always looking for talented individuals who are interested in joining the team!  Feel free to check out our current opportunities here or email to learn more.