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Artist Program

Rooted in the desire to develop artistic talent by providing an unparalledled level of support, we are committed to the supporting the success and longevity of our artists' careers.

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Artist Residency Program

Tappan Studios

Founded in 2016, our residency program offers artists residency opportunities at the Tappan Studios in Los Angeles. Accomodating three individual artists at one time, our studio spaces allow our talented creatives to connect to dynamic local projects and explore their practice in the context of a new city or neighborhood alongside colleagues from around the globe.

Artist Exchange Program

Connecting domestic and international artists

In addition to our residency program, we also offer an artist exchange program. We align domestic and international artists to exchange homes and studios to explore eachothers unique perspectives and locations over a span of weeks or months. The result of these exchanges can be truly dynamic and dramatically evolve both artists' work.

Tappan Studios

Artist programs and exhibitions

Tappan Studios is a mixed-use space, primarily serving as exhibition and studio space for our residency program. In addition, the space also plays hosts to educational talks with artists, open studio evenings and our storefront initiative.


Art in the real world

Whether partnering with a gallery, independenet exhibition space, or Tappan Studios, our exhibitions offer artists an opportunity to showcase their work in the physical realm. For both group and solo exhibitions internationally, we utilizing multi dimensional platforms to engage new audiences and facilitate personal connection between artist, collector and curator.


Facilitating partnerships with leading brands

We foster organic partnerships and facilitate brand collaborations that engage and promote our artists through elevated campaigns and amplified messaging. With strong connections in the corporate sphere, Tappan partners artists with leading brands, including Jenni Kayne, Sweetgreen and Vince, amongst others. We pride ourselves on creating synergistic and creative partnerhips that leave a lasting impression.