About our NFT Coa



What is an NFT?

NFT stands for a non-fungible token. It is a digital  item  that  cannot  be  copied  (different  than  a  digital  image, which could in theory be copied).  It is “installed” on a system of related code that authenticates it before any transfer takes place. We like to think about it like a contract that is notarized by multiple notaries that don’t know each other but must be notified and re-notarize whenever the NFT changes hands. 

What is a COA?

A certificate of authentication,  or COA, includes the title, dimensions, materials, and all details of the artwork as well as edition series information if applicable.  As a collector, these are important to have as the certificate will help with the future value of the work adding provenance and context around your acquisition of the piece.

What artists apply to this form of COA?

We will be able to create an NFT COA for all artworks made by Tappan artists on our roster and collectible online through Tappan. Only sales through our gallery for our artists work will be able to be authenticated in this way. 

What is the difference between a digital art NFT and a NFT COA?

A digital art NFT is a work of art that is created in this blockchain technology known as non-fungible tokens and lives on a blockchain. It does not correlate with physical artwork, and its COA is baked into its creation so to speak. The NFT COA Tappan is offering is much like our physical certificate of authentication that comes with every artwork, but this NFT COA lives on a blockchain, 

Do you need to buy this NFT COA with cryptocurrency?

You can add an NFT COA to your cart and checkout with any form of payment you prefer. Cryptocurrency is a payment method we now accept, but it is not required to purchase the NFT COA.

Can this be applied to artworks that I’ve collected in the past?

If you have purchased and collected artworks from Tappan in the past and wish to purchase an NFT COA for those artworks, we are able to create that token for currently represented artists on Tappan’s roster (all artists here). If this is for an artwork that was created by a Tappan artist that has graduated from our roster, we will need to confirm and are