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Partnership - Tappan x Outpost -  Original & Limited Edition Art at Tappan

Partnership - Tappan x Outpost

Partnership - Tappan x Outpost


Tappan x Outpost

A new benchmark in elevated rental properties, Outpost looked to Tappan to curate their inaugural residency in the Hollywood Hills.

The Outpost Estates features art by eight Tappan artists alongside bedding by Parachute and furniture from Poul Kjaehold, Niels O. Moller, Piet Hein and Bengt Ruda, all available for purchase. The luxury rental also includes a wine cellar, fire pit and japanese soaking tub. In short, a retreat for design lovers visiting Los Angeles.

We spoke to Roy Alpert, the founder of Outpost, to talk about his approach to art in the space.



What was the inspiration behind Outpost?



I grew up in LA and after ten years in New York I started to spend half my time here and fell in love with living in the hills. It’s unique to have that type of retreat feel while still being so close to a city. It inspired me to start developing in the area and renovate existing homes that had some charm/character and bring my hotel background to the residential space.

The idea behind Outpost is to create a highly curated, flexible, turnkey living solution for people who value design.


Why was art an important element to integrate?



It’s important that our guests really have a sense of place when they stay at Outpost. Much of the art has a Californian feel to it. Even though not all the artists are from the area you can see the California lifestyle in their work. Also, we wanted to give guests the ability to take something with them when they leave. Partnering with Tappan allowed us to feature up and coming artists and share their work with our guests. If they love something they can acquire it.

Roy Alpert says

“Partnering with Tappan allows us to feature up and coming artists and share their work with our guests. If they love something they can acquire it.”


What mood did you want to create in the space?


There is a tension between past and present in the home. We completely gutted the house and created a layout more suitable to how we live today. It was important though to still pay homage to the mid century origins of the original house through the furniture and special pieces by Alvar Aalto, Piet Hein, Paul Kjaerholm, and Niels O Moller.



What is your favorite work currently in the space?



The landscape photography by Mark Gabor especially since he’s a Los Angeles local.


What inspires you daily?



Currently inspired by Los Angeles and my friends who are contributing to the creative landscape of the city through their work in food, music, fashion, film, and art.



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