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Studio Visit - Tappan Artist Exchange | Andrew Steiger -  Original & Limited Edition Art at Tappan

Studio Visit - Tappan Artist Exchange | Andrew Steiger

Studio Visit - Tappan Artist Exchange | Andrew Steiger


Tappan Artist Exchange | Andrew Steiger


Los Angeles based Andrew Steiger journeyed to Paris for the Tappan Artist Exchange, in search of new experiences and perspective. What he discovered was a strong emotional connection with classic masterpieces and the lasting affect that the city would have on his own practice.


“Paris provided me with an opportunity to be still for a very long period of time,” said Steiger. “I never realized what a luxury time could be, or what sat dormant just below the surface of my consciousness.” 


While exploring his new home, steeped in rich cultural history, Steiger was introduced to Monet at the Museé D’Orsay. The experience left, in his own words, “A lasting impression. I wasn’t aware that painting could make me feel this way. Completely gutted. In awe. A new allegiance was made then and there, one of gratitude and conviction to find a deeper emotional connection to my own work. To pursue my deepest truths in hopes that someday, I too could give somebody what he gave to me. Reflection. Infinity. Pools of magic that sweep you into it’s morning song.”


Andrew Steiger says

“Paris provided me with an opportunity to be still for a very long period of time. I never realized what a luxury time could be, or what sat dormant just below the surface of my consciousness.”


Animal conservation and colonialism are central themes to his work, and Steiger’s time in France also allowed him to delve further into these multifaceted subjects. Visiting the Parc Zoologique and the Gallery of Paleontology and Comparative Anatomy at the French National Museum of Natural History abounded fruitful new territory in which to examine the point of tension in objectifying wild animals as sculpture. “Violence. Everywhere was the conquest of ‘man’, always with his foot over the lion’s throat. Or with a spear clenched tightly in the serpent. I’m afraid there is a pattern here that is not unique to Paris. But resultantly - it seemed to me that nature was something to be looked at through glass, or it was something enjoyed on the plate.”



The subsequent body of work, titled Wild Horses, delves into these complex themes. “This work is more emotional than it has ever been. Colors from this series feel just like the clawing marks from behind the glass of the barricades at the zoo. Animals that want out,” suggested Steiger.


Overall, the experience solidified the artist’s resolve concerning conservation. “If we want to protect our world, and ensure that our children are able to see up close the wild world that was here long before us - then we need to do a much better job of considering her in our day to day actions.” As a consequence, Steiger spent his first days back in the US visiting Joshua Tree and then on to Colorado, to reconnect with the landscape. “I realized what abundance we have here. I don’t want to take that for granted.”



We look forward to seeing the continued inspiration and impact of this time in Paris reflected in Andrews most recent body of work and beyond.


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About Andrew Steiger

Andrew Steiger was raised in the Pacific Northwest and is currently based in Los Angeles, CA. He started drawing trees and Native Americans on kitchen cabinets in his parents home when he was 3 and has been drawing on walls ever since. Growing up in a suburban development in Washington State, he observed first hand the tensions and mysterious abundance that surrounded neighboring Indian Reservations and National Parks. Andrew creates cultural landscapes through a combination of figurative illustrations and paintings mixed with outbursts of scribbles, scars, markings and washes of color - often drawing from emotional reactions to personal experience. Themes often include indigenous cultures, wildlife, gang culture, colonialism and the study of human beings and their relationship to the natural world.


2016, “Wild British Columbia” for Active Junky (featured artist) Denver, Colorado
2016, “Totems” Artist’s studio (solo show) Los Angeles
2016, Victory Journal (featured artist) Brooklyn, New York
2015, Untitled Project Space “Jungle” (group show) Los Angeles
2016, MoNA (Museum of Northwest Art) “3 Rivers” (group show) Anacortes, Washington
2014, S.S. Gallery “Unknown” (solo show) Los Angeles
2014, R&R Gallery “Space” (group show) Los Angeles
2014, Motherlode LA (group show) Los Angeles
2014, The Green Boutique “Save the Arctic” Miami Art Basel
2013, SS Gallery “Defiance” (group show) Los Angeles
2013, SS Gallery “Ego” (group show) Los Angeles
2013, Photogenics Mag - Art Issue (featured drawing) Los Angeles
2013, LA Canvas Magazine, (featured artist) “Ones to watch” Los Angeles


2014, Self directed residency, Quileute Indian Reservation - La Push, Washington
2014, Self directed residency, Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior Protest ship - San Francisco

Andrew Steigher